Subscribing to RSS feeds

Using an RSS news feed is an excellent way to keep up to date with new content published on a supporting website. To benefit from this, you need to have a news reader installed which will periodically check for new content on sites that you have subscribed to.

You can choose to subscribe to all articles from the site, or select only those categories which interest you.

There are a number of news readers available on the internet. However, we would recommend using Microsoft Outlook 2007 if you have it installed as this means news feed notifications will be fully integrated with your email. Setup is very simple and will only take a few moments as described below.

Open Outlook 2007 and locate the “RSS Feeds” folder. Right click and select “Add a New RSS Feed…”

Copy and paste the RSS feed address into the windows which appears, and click the add button.

The feed for all articles is To limit your subscription to individual categories, please see below.

Once authenticated, you will receive separate notifications of all existing articles on the site. These will be summary alerts and will be displayed in the same way as emails. An “View Article” link will be available in each and when selected the PCT website will be launched in your browser.

Selecting which categories you subscribe to

Each category of posts has its own RSS feed which you can subscribe to individually. You can find the individual feed addresses by clicking on the (RSS) link in the category list in the right-hand menu.

For example, the feed for the CfH Service Notification category is

so this is the address you would use to subscribe.

Similarly, the feed for Scheduled Maintenance is

If you want to subscribe to two or more categories, you can amend the link to list the desired category numbers seperated by commas, eg:,3

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