Introducing The Hive, your new online Vision community.

Tired of missing important news about Vision? Frustrated that you can never find what you need? Would you like to talk to your peers? Or would you like to ask questions and get answers from others who also use Vision? Then you need The Hive – your online Vision community.

Aimed at people who work in GP Practices, CCGs, CSUs and Health Boards, The Hive is your online Vision community where you can ask questions, find answers and engage with other Vision users.

Everything you could need at your fingertips, get online TODAY.

Why use the Hive?

The Hive is a vibrant community for Vision users, Healthcare IT and Healthcare Service Provision. The Hive enables you to share ideas and information with your peers, local CCG, Health Board or Federation Groups. It also provides access to the National Vision User Group (NVUG), an independent body providing guidance to all Vision users.

The Hive will replace the ‘My Vision’ section on the old INPS website.

What can I find/do on the Hive?

  • Vision 3 – for all things Vision 3. You will find audits, guidelines, excel specialist reports, user assistance documentation and helpful tips and support.
  • New Vision – discover how Vision is changing. Here you will find our exciting new developments and the future of Vision.
  • Local Groups – join your local CCG, Health Board or Federation Groups. This is a private space in which members can collaborate, discuss and share files.
  • NVUG – your independent body providing guidance to all Vision users. Here you can access discussions, tips and files for NVUG members.
  • Peer Groups – share ideas, tips and best practice with your peers, either locally or at other practices. This group is not just about IT, but about all other relevant aspects of practice life.

Access our Vision eLearning Hub

We have developed a suite of free Vision training courses to help you become an expert user in our exciting new apps. The interactive courses are delivered via the Vision eLearning Hub where you can access your allocated courses, track your progress and view your achievement record.Register for the eLearning hub today.

Click here to register.

How do I access the Hive?

Please visit and register as a Vision user today.

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February 22nd, 2017 at 11:17 am

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